About me:

I am Michael Czajkowski, a budding soft matter physicist currently working at Syracuse University. I am very interested in the ways in which evolution itself has taken advantage of the principles of physics. Thus far my investigations to this end have concerned the properties of confluent 2-dimensional tissues. These tissues (which line many of the organs in your body) are fascinating to study because the cells adhere to one another, forming a network of cell-cell interfaces. These interfaces may sustain tension and this tension may then be actively regulated by processes inside the cell, which results in rich mechanical properties. My role in the field thus far has been to explore these mechanical properties and how they may influence cell migration.

Outside of research, I engage myself with the role that Science has (or, too often, does not have) in Policy-making and vice versa. This interaction consistently produces conflict in the United States. Dealing with these issues requires awareness and, at times, action. Motivated by this ongoing cause, I joined with some graduate friends within Syracuse University to found the “Science Policy Group”. In our first group action, we joined with the New Feminists for Justice and other locals to organize and facilitate the Syracuse March for Science. Since then, we have focused on increasing awareness of policy issues in the scientific community and promoted local science outreach efforts. For more information, see the outreach tab above and check out our website.

This website is eternally under construction. Send me an email at mdczajko@syr.edu if you have any questions or if you just want to talk.

This website can be found here

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